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Equity Trustees Limited (EQT) was established in 1888 by an Act of the Victorian Parliament to provide trustee and executor services.

Throughout its long history, EQT has evolved into a sophisticated financial services provider offering a broad range of products and services to a diverse client base. In addition to traditional trustee and estate management duties, EQT’s range of services includes portfolio management, managed funds, superannuation, aged care financial planning and placement advice, and philanthropy.

EQT is committed to acting in the best interests of its clients via wealth management solutions over a range of asset classes carrying different risk profiles.

Key services offered by Equity Trustees include:

Wealth Management and Estate Planning

Managed Funds

Institutional Services


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We provide personal service solutions for every client. To discuss your particular needs, or to find out more about Equity Trustees' services, please contact us.

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Latest News

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02/10/2014See current Managed Fund Rates.

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ASX Release: Equity Trustees - 2014 Final Dividend

29/09/2014Equity Trustees Limited (EQT) confirms 2014 Final Dividend

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Equity Trustees to be included in S&P/ASX 300 Index

19/09/2014Listed financial services organisation Equity Trustees Limited will be included in the S&P/ASX 300 Index, effective after the close of trading on 19 September 2014, following the index composition review, said Equity Trustees Managing Director Robin Burns.

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